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 Evaluation of specialized subjects in the university

Evaluation of specialized subjects in the university
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The college​

Specialization / name of the subject / evaluation link


Arabic language and literature / about 2​​

Educational Sciences

social science


collage of rights​

College of Sports

Sports Rehabilitation / Therapeutic Massage

Physical Education / Swimming (1)

College of Business Administration

Marketing / Marketing Management

Management Information Systems / E - Business

Islamic Banking and Finance

Public administration / control and accountability

Economics of Finance / Business Analysis and Economic Feasibility Studies

Business Administration / Strategic Management

Accounting / International Accounting

faculty of Agriculture

Nutrition and Food Industry / Food Microbiology

Animal Production / Poultry Production

Plant production / plant physiology

College of Sharia

Jurisprudence and Principles / Jurisprudence of Personal Status Marriage 1

Principles of debt / jurisprudence transactions

faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy / Industrial Pharmacy​

Faculty of Science

Physics / Digital Electronics

Medical and Laboratory Sciences / Hematology (1)

Biology / Animal Physiology

Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry

General Mathematics (1)

College of Engineering​

Electrical Engineering (Electronics) / Electronic Interfaces

Chemical Engineering / Industrial Analytical Chemistry

Mechanical Engineering Thermal power, energy / heating, identity and air conditioning

Mechanical Engineering / Metal Forming Technology

Mechanical engineering materials manufacturing / connecting and plumbing

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Power and Control) / Power Transmission and Distribution

Civil Engineering / Pavement Engineering

Civil Engineering (Water and Environment) / Dam Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Communications) / Antennas and propagation of waves

information technology collage​

Software Engineering / Computer Networks

Computer Science / Logic Circuit Design

Computer Information Systems / Algorithms

College of Nursing

Adult Health Nursing (1)