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 After Greetings

    Quality is described as a journey to exceed expectations, and needs to see and work hard and continuous evaluation; to find out the reality and determine priorities for improvement, vision alone remains just a dream, but vision with work achieve the impossible.

   We at the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance do not pretend that we have a magic wand through which we can achieve visions, hopes and aspirations, but we believe that we work with you and you as active partners, welcome your inquiries, and receive your suggestions and comments.

   We believe that Mutah University and Seif University deserve the best and the best, and we believe that the way to do this is to continuously improve, and turn the vision, mission and goals into operational plans achievable.

     Finally, we are proud of your experiences and contributions, and we thank you for your good and fruitful efforts, and we sincerely hope for your cooperation in advancing the work.


Center Manager

                                     Prof.Dr. Bassem Ali Hawamdeh​