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 Quality Assurance Division

Quality Assurance Division
Functions of the Division:
· Supervising the application of the quality assurance standards issued by the accreditation body of higher education quality institutions.
· Processing
· To apply for national and international quality assurance certificates to donors.
· Preparing the necessary data and information as evidence of the application of quality standards.
· Supervising the preparation of the file and follow-up work with the colleges.
· Follow the manual of quality assurance standards and procedures.
· Participate in training courses related to quality and accreditation in cooperation with the Training Division.
· Conducting seminars and lectures to spread awareness about enhancing the culture of quality, development and continuous improvement in the performance of the university in the faculties, units and departments of the university.
· Preparing quality models and supervising their implementation.
Any other tasks assigned by the Director of the Center.​