Mutah University :: Towards a Better Learning Environment

  The Center’s Establishment

In the academic year (2003/2004), the center for faculty member performance development (GFMPD) established in the University with the aim of developing the basic competencies and skilled of the faculty members.                                                                                                      

In incarnation for the principle of the university of the need for development and modernization in line with the requirements of the era, with the concern and commitment to improve the quality of education and evaluate its effectiveness, to ensure the achievement of the desired results and outcomes in accordance with the foundations and standards of accreditation and quality assurance, the center has been expanded in the academic year (2011/2012)  after the integration of the quality control office with the center of faculty member performance development to become independent scientific center called "The center of Academic Development and quality Assurance" to provide  developmental programs for faculty members and staff in the university, develop  their academic competence in the field of developing methods and approaches of instruction, teaching, research and communication using modern techniques and other skills, as well as evaluating the performance of the teaching process in the university, spread the culture of quality among the  university employees.                                                                                  

The center is keen to ensure continuous improvement and development in the performance of all faculties and administrative unites within the university through the application of various quality systems, dissemination quality culture, generalize the concept of the university role and mission and achieving its strategic objectives, to ensure the application and implementation of all conditions set by the commission for the accreditation of higher education institutions in Jordan through the follow-up with the collages and department as well as administrative unites of university.​