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The Accreditation Commission for Higher Education Institutions nominates Mu'tah with the first degree at the level of sports science faculties in Jordanian universities


The Faculty of Sports Sciences received the Quality Award (Gold Level)

The Chairman of the Accreditation Commission for Higher Education Institutions, Dr. Bashir Al-Zu'bi handed over the certificate of quality assurance to the college programs to the President of the University, Dr. Dhafer Al-Sarayreh.

Thus, the college is the first college of sports science in the Jordanian universities to receive this certificate (according to the Director of the Center for Academic Development and Quality Assurance at the University, Dr. Bassem Hawamdeh).

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences, Dr. Amjad Madanat said that the college will continue to develop its scientific outputs and develop its programs in line with the directives and support of the university administration, which puts academic excellence at the top of its priorities.

The President of the University has stressed the need to activate international standards on quality assurance to be an educational institution that possesses prestigious academic programs, which is a logical outcome of sound planning and long-term visions.​