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 Planning, Training and centers

The Department of Planning, Training and Centers.

           This department was developed in the Computer Center to set up plans and training programs and to achieve the purposes that depend on the university vision, message and values, in the field of communication and information technology. The department was based on continuous improvement in the computer center and other training centers which are related to it, the follow up, and supervising the training programs through continued coordination with colleges, departments and designated centers. This department includes two sections, they are the planning section and training section, each one of them works its assigned tasks.


The Missions and Occupations of the Department:

1)    Focusing on the evolutionary aspects in work according to the new technology through depending on the institutions, companies and academics that have used technology.

2)    Supervising on the training initiatives which the university participates in within agreements with entities which put forward these initiatives the agreement that assigned between Mutah University and the ministry of communication and information technology to train the fresh graduated students from the faculties that  specialize in communication and information technology and the computer engineering for one year. Where the fresh graduated students acquire a practical experience in his major with a work in training courses inside the university with the coordination with the ministry of communication and information technology. One of these courses that were held is life skills course and “Cellular application course” where the first agreement signed and worked with 2014 and 2015 where it is renewed each year.

3)    Preparing plans and training program for the training course for the students of information technology and the students of engineering in mutah university and other public universities over the terms in the aspect of using information technology and the computer net works and maintenance.

4)    Supervising and prosecution the works of the ICDL center which cares with the program of the ICDL which is a world  wide program that aims to have qualified persons with the ability to deal with the computer with the other miscellaneous. Where this center accords ICDL that is a national certificate which attests to its holder that he is very knowledgeable in the field of the information technology and he has the necessary skills in using computers which enables one from the local community or among the university or any employed of government sectors or private sectors to obtain this certificate by submitting exams in the ICDL center which follows this department in the computer center. This certificate is given as ICDL (International Computer Driving License) and the donor body is UNESCO the international body authorized to supervise this certificate with the coordination with the ICDL center in mutah university.


The Department of planning, Training and centers

Director of the Department

Jwaied Saraireh

Head of the Training Division

Ragad Jaradat

Head of the Planning Division

Ghada Ma’itah