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 Director Speech



Almutaz Mamdoh Al-Mobedin

Director Of Computer Center


About The Center

The computer center is one of the most important units of support services at the university, where the tasks entrusted to him is like standing on the maintenance and creation of the internal network and maintain databases and financial programs and admission programs, recording and taking backups her, several of important services such as the Internet and e-mail and examinations electronic-  one of the most important basic services to the University, in addition to research ways to develop the university and keep up the great scientific development in the field of information technology and strong competition from other universities. The center and direct participation in the preparation of tender specifications related to computers, servers, networking and follow-up study and counted.

The computer center will provide Internet service in the university staff and students where the service is provided and e-mail retrieval through sites dedicated staff and laboratories dedicated to students, so that the line has been providing Leased Line capacity can serve hundreds of students and staff and maintains information network at the university, which includes all colleges and departments.

Center keep to develop staff employees through the presence of advanced courses inside and outside the university.